NBD Gala Ticket

Ticket includes:
- Appetizers (finger food, snacks)
- Welcome drink
- Entrance to concerts

NBD Member Gala Ticket

This option is for NBD members only. We will check your membership after your purchase. You can become an NBD member for only 300,-/year.

Ticket includes:
- Appetizer (finger food, snacks)
- Welcome drink
- Entrance to concerts


    In NBD we want to appreciate people that are helping and make things a bit easier for new people in Denmark. So let us make a good surprise together.. Do you know someone that has helped you integrate better in Denmark, someone that has made you not feel alone in Denmark, someone that has given you an opportunity for a job in Denmark?

    All you have to do is to register that person and tell us about him/her on www.nbdforening.dk and we will prepare a small gift for each person nominated.

    We will not make your information public until on 4. December at the NBD Winter Gala. If the nominee will not be able to attend the event, then we will share and thank the person on our social media a few days after the event.

    Please insert a photo (max .10mb, .jpg or .png only) of the nominee, that we will share on the screen at the event.

    Event Details
    • Start Date
      december 4, 2021 18:00
    • End Date
      december 4, 2021 23:00
    • Status