Our next football tournament

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Football has the power of bringing people together, no matter which language we talk. With participants from over 20 nationalities, our goal is to organise a friendly football tournament that unites countries.

The players are of different levels – for some football is just a hobby, while others have been playing professionally. But everyone knows that the #nbdfodbold tournaments are not about ranks, but about fair play and respect.


Besides games and prizes, there is also entertainment – both for the players, and for the guests. We want to have many guests who come and cheer for the teams and support this multicultural spirit. That’s why we always have a DJ playing energetic music, a commentator which spices things up, volunteers who make hot-dogs and sandwiches, a Panda mascot which is loved by EVERYONE, and a group of cheerleaders which cheer for all teams. It’s a lot of fun, both as a guest, and as a player.



Statistics and Records

A list of our previous winners and highest performers.

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Our next #nbdfodbold tournament

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September 27, 2018
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