Our next “Fællesspisning” event

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Food brings people together, and that is why these ‘eating together’ events are very dear to our hearts. This kind of event is much more intimate and relaxed than any of the other events we make. Here we invite our guests to a cozy evening with food from different countries, live music and fun activities, where we get to know each other better. We’re usually around 20-30 people.


It’s here where people feel more comfortable with each other – they feel home, even if they are together with people they never met before. In comparison with our other events, Fællesspisning it’s the time when the guests are invited to be active – the more they interact, the more fun it gets. It is therefore the guests that make this event so special, by sharing something from their lives, their cultures, or by spontaneously deciding to show the others a dance from their country.


Tell us your experience and have the chance to win a cinema ticket

We would love to hear how our Eating-together event has been for you – Did you make new friends, did you learn something new? In exchange we will reward one of you with a cinema ticket.

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Photos from our previous #nbdfællesspisning events

Our next #nbdfællesspisning

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September 27, 2018
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